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Hi Alex,

I'm reaching out as the only minority female founder of a micro-mobility company (started in 2017) in the country that is also one of the few to build our ebikes in the USA. We are an ongoing partner of LACI's in Los Angeles to supply E-Bikes to low-income areas like Compton for their library programs as well as in our hometown of Denver, CO working with numerous agencies. I've been following your mobility substack newsletter and would love to connect.

We're shifting from a direct-to-consumer brand to a fleet provider to organizations such as the Department of Defense and municipalities (and many more government orgs) as well as privately shared fleets. We found this to be a large and relatively untapped market.

I would love to connect but wasn't sure best way to reach you, as messaged you on Linkedin as well.

Ride on,

Victoria Brunner

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